Harvesting Efficiency: How Scaleit’s Truck Scale Software Empowers Farmers

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Harvest season is upon us, which means long days and nights for the hardworking farmers among us. Every farm and every farmer will leverage different technology to streamline the process. For some, this means truck scale software.

Large-scale operations may not use truck scales to measure and track yield. But for medium and small farms, a truck scale is critical technology. Having a truck scale on site allows for faster processing and measurement of the harvest. And when that scale is tied to truck scale software, farmers can keep accurate records of every load.

Those records are incredibly valuable for assessing yield year over year. But they can also come in handy when it comes time to sell. Farms use truck scales to record accurate weights of their corn, soybean, and grain yield before selling to an elevator. When the elevator offers a price, farmers can cross reference that number with their own scale tickets to ensure they’re being paid fairly. When farmers have their own comprehensive, accurate records of their yield, they have more leverage during negotiations.

Scaleit is proud to offer some of the best truck scale software on the market for farms and farmers. Our software is easy to use, even for folks who dislike computers, and we offer free training so you can get the hang of it quickly. Plus, we’ve made a few strategic investments to ensure that our truck scale software is as valuable as possible for farmers. This includes easy integration with moisture readers, specialized pricing models, and easy reporting for insurance claims.

Scaleit integrates with several moisture readers.

One critical step of harvesting grain crops is moisture analysis. Understanding the moisture content of a given crop is critical for quality, yield, and storage purposes. There are many different ways to measure moisture content, including portable and tabletop moisture readers. A lot of complex science and mathematics go into the development of these instruments. And the resulting data is critical for business.

At Scaleit, our goal is to streamline the data collection process as much as possible for the sake of accuracy and efficiency. We’re proud to share that Scaleit is fully compatible with the Dickey-John™ GAC2500 Moisture Analysis Computer and Moisture Reader (Dickey John 2100, Dickey John 2500 and Perten 5200). You can print all moisture content details and data directly to your scale tickets and reports for easy analysis and record keeping.

You can purchase a ticket-based subscription to Scaleit truck scale software.

Scrap yards and aggregate businesses may use their truck scales all year. But farmers only need their truck scales during harvest season, which is just a few months out of the year. In the agriculture business, paying for a year-round subscription doesn’t make much sense financially. Even a modest monthly fee adds up over the years—but if an annual subscription is the only option, many feel pressured to pay up.

That’s why Scaleit offers a ticket-based subscription model that allows users to pay per ticket. Essentially, you can buy a package of tickets and use them during the harvest season, on your schedule. With this model, you don’t have to pay based on the calendar. You simply pay for what you actually use, when you use it. And since your tickets don’t expire, you never have to worry about your hard-earned money going to waste.

Scaleit provides reports for insurance claims.

Sometimes, unpredictable circumstances can dramatically change your crop yield year over year. Flooding, droughts, excess heat, and other factors can derail your best efforts. If your yield is especially low one year, you can claim insurance off that loss—if you can prove it. But this requires detailed, long-term record keeping, which can be a challenge.

Thankfully, Scaleit’s truck scale software is built for easy record-keeping and reporting. Scaleit will log every scale ticket and compile that data for you, so you can pull custom reports with ease. If you do need to file an insurance claim, a tidy, professional report is just a few clicks away. With Scaleit, navigating the jungle of insurance becomes a little bit easier.

Scaleit is incredibly proud to have tailored our service offerings and truck scale software to support hardworking farmers like you. From software integrations to specialized pricing models, we’re committed to meeting your needs, during harvest season and beyond.

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