Helpful Aggregate Business, Recycling Plant, and Scrapyard Resources

helpful scrapyard resources
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At Scaleit, our goal is to be a valuable tool and helpful resource for recycling, scrap, and aggregate businesses. We’re very proud of the features and tools we’ve built into our truck scale software over the years! But we also recognize that running a business requires many different resources:

  • Bookkeeping and financial tools.
  • HR systems.
  • Industry and trend reporting sources.
  • Communications platforms.
  • And countless others.

It would be silly for one software platform, even a great one, to provide a business with everything they need. And downright impossible to do all those things well.

So instead, we’re doing the next best thing. We want to help you find great tools that complement what we do at Scaleit. We rounded up a collection of some other fantastic resources for recycling, scrap, and aggregate businesses. We specifically focused on great resources for what’s going on in your industry, so you can stay informed.

Keep reading to learn more about national and state associations and trade publications specific to your industry.

Resources for aggregate plants

National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA)

NSSGA is an advocacy group for the aggregate industry. They work to advance policies that support aggregate business owners. NSSGA also organizes networking events and educational opportunities. NSSGA is a great resource for safety information, valuable statistics, and market intelligence on the aggregate industry.

Your state aggregate associations 

While NSSGA operates on a national scale, most states have their own advocacy and networking groups as well. These associations may offer certification programs, training courses, permitting/regulatory assistance, and even scholarships, specific to your state. Joining your state aggregate association is a great way to connect with peers and keep up with what’s happening locally.

Aggregates Manager

Aggregates Manager is a monthly trade publication featuring articles on products, technology, case studies, and management practices. Aggregates Manager also reports on the latest updates to legislation and regulations relevant to aggregate operations. Reading Aggregates Manager can help you stay informed on supply and demand, pricing, and potential opportunities for new business. You can also turn to Aggregates Manager for equipment reviews and case studies on the latest and greatest aggregate technology.

Resources for scrapyards

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)

ISRI is a critical voice for the scrap industry and leads advocacy efforts on recycling policies. ISRI is also a great place to find safety resources, industry statistics, and regulatory alerts. The Institute hosts educational events and networking opportunities where you can connect with your peers.

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)

Like ISRI, ARA conducts targeted advocacy work on behalf of the scrap metal industry, specifically the automotive recycling sector. The Association also hosts an annual convention where people can gather to connect and learn from each other.

Scrap Magazine 

Scrap Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers technology, management, markets, regulations, and operations news relevant to scrap processors. The magazine includes price indexes and market analysis, tools you can use to adapt to the changing market. Scrap Magazine also talks a lot about safety standards and training programs for scrapyard owners and employees.

Resources for recycling plants

National Recycling Coalition (NRC)

NRC provides advocacy, programs, training, and other resources focused on building more resilient and sustainable local recycling programs nationwide. NRC also hosts an annual Congress where recycling industry professionals can connect, share ideas, and learn about new technologies.

Your state recycling organizations

Many states have their own recycling organizations that do advocacy work at the state level. Each state recycling organization varies, but they may offer grants and incentives, host conferences and trainings, and plan networking events. Connecting with your state’s recycling organization is a great way to stay current on local program news.

Resource Recycling Magazine

Resource Recycling Magazine is a monthly trade publication reporting the latest news on markets, regulations, and technology advancements. The magazine also frequently runs features on operational best practices in the recycling sector.

At Scaleit, we make it our mission for you to adopt business practices that keep you current with the latest advancements in your industry. Whether you run a scrap yard, an aggregate business, or a recycling plant, you can count on Scaleit to help keep things running smoothly. Our best features include:

  • Digital truck scale software and fast, easy integration with just about any truck scale on the market.
  • Highly customizable inventory systems to ensure you always know what you have.
  • Searchable databases of truck scale tickets and customer records.
  • Automated tools for law enforcement reporting, so regulatory compliance is a breeze.

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