Overcome Your Aggregate Plant Business Challenges with Truck Scale Software

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Truck scale software may be the key to growing your pit, quarry, or aggregate plant business.

Running an aggregate business requires strong business skills to ensure smart decision-making and a financially sustainable operation. But even the most experienced aggregate plant owners may find themselves battling a few key challenges over and over. This includes raw material procurement, seasonal fluctuations in demand, and different levels of legal compliance.

These issues can be major roadblocks to profitability and growth. There is a real need for effective tools that make it easier for business owners to find solutions. Because annual ticketing and inventory systems just won’t cut it anymore.

Truck scale and inventory software is key to managing these challenges—and turning them into opportunities. Here’s now.

The challenges of aggregate materials sourcing

Customers who patronize pits, quarries, and aggregate businesses are usually looking to purchase material in massive quantities. Any single purchase order may account for multiple tons of sand, gravel, crushed stone, or another material.

Securing a steady, reliable supply of these materials can be challenging. Resources are limited in some areas, and supply chain disruptions may introduce additional roadblocks. And if demand is high, all that supply may be going to competitors. Aggregate business owners end up spending all their time on procurement, with no additional energy to focus on growing the business.

How software can help: Inventory management software helps aggregate business owners identify trends in demand for specific materials. When you can anticipate demand, you can focus your energy on sourcing your most popular materials. Less time is spent chasing down suppliers of low-demand materials, so you can work on other projects as well. In short, software allows you to allocate your time and energy more wisely. 

Seasonal fluctuations of the aggregate industry

Aggregate materials are primarily used for construction projects, and demand for construction materials is driven by the changing seasons. Some construction projects can only be completed when the weather is just right, and seasonal windows of opportunity can be slim. In some climates, construction all but grinds to a halt during winter months.

This can be challenging from a profitability standpoint. Businesses that fail to prepare for sluggish months of reduced revenue may struggle to stay afloat. But anticipating slow seasons is not always easy.

Here’s how software can help: Aggregate business owners can invest in top-quality inventory management software with advanced reporting tools to address this problem. You can generate trend reports showing how revenue and demand fluctuates throughout the year, so you can be prepared. This allows for much better management of cash flow. Plus, with data on purchasing trends, you can avoid over- or under-buying materials.

The relationship between governments and aggregate materials

Aggregate businesses must remain compliant with government regulations on a few different levels:

  1. Each and every driver that leaves a quarry, pit, or other aggregate business must have a scale ticket on hand. If the driver gets pulled over and cannot produce a ticket reporting their weight, there may be legal consequences. This applies to both the driver and the aggregate business itself. And getting a new copy of a lost ticket can be challenging if the business uses a manual ticketing system.
  2. Most governments will only contract with aggregate businesses whose scales and software are National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified. Using non-certified scales and software can disqualify your business from state jobs.

How software can help: Unlike manual ticketing systems, truck scale software keeps a searchable, digital record of every ticket issued. Drivers get a paper copy, but if that copy is lost, the software can produce another in seconds.

Scaleit is proud to be NTEP certified since 2011. 

Our inventory and truck scale software is compatible with virtually any NTEP certified sale. The Scaleit platform makes it possible for aggregate businesses to bid for state jobs and strive to grow their operations.

Our software allows aggregate business owners to overcome the most common challenges they may face. With Scaleit, you can level up your operational efficiency and strategic planning and take your business to the next level.

Hesitant about software? Scaleit was designed by people with years of experience in the industry. We’ve made it as user friendly as possible, so it’s not a headache to learn. Plus, we have a big customer service team and lots of trainers. We’ll teach you how to use it, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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