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Since 1986 Scaleit W8 Waste and Landfill Software has successfully helped hundreds of Municipal Landfills gain full compliance and run their landfill operation more efficiently. Scaleit W8 is an easy-to-use, user friendly software system that meets the challenges and obstacles landfill operations face on a daily basis. Since landfills companies are all sizes and operate differently, Scaleit W8 can be easily redesigned to meet the expectations of every operation.

Affordable Waste and Landfill Software

Scaleit W8 Waste and Landfill Software is an affordable solution that includes No Start Up Costs and low annual fees. This complete software package includes regular software updates and unbeatable technical support. Scaleit can be configured with different user interfaces. Each interface can be redesigned to accommodate every landfill. Gain full freedom by managing separate departments and companies with different interfaces all with one software system.

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Highly Recommend! I was manually calculating and entering all of our scale tickets prior to using Scaleit. This is a great program and has been a huge time and money saver!! Without it, we would have had no choice but to hire additional personnel. The Scaleit team has been very responsive and quickly resolves the little hiccups that come with any software integration. I can always get a hold of someone if needed after hours and they are always polite, respectful and very, very knowledgeable. It integrated beautifully with QuickBooks and I anticipate using Scaleit for years to come. Not only is the program itself worth its weight in gold but the customer service cannot be matched!!

Verified Customer

We are very Glad Sanford Scale recommended Scaleit USA to us. We called various other program vendors and were told we had to purchase specific equipment to run their programs. When we called Scaleit we were told that they would make any cameras, printers, and computers we wanted work, even our used equipment. Scaleit USA configured everything online using existing I.T. wiring installed; we did not even have to hire an outside vendor for this. We are a small Metals Recycling Company and this program works great for our needs. We have never had a program breakdown, outage, or delay since using Scaleit. When we need help adding new equipment, the I.T. members at Scaleit are very helpful and courteous. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Keith Henderson
Verified Customer

Where do we begin about Scaleit USA! We have been using this company since 2013 at Hanson Mountain Rock Quarry in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. They have exceeded our expectations on so many levels and occasions. Their technicians are very polite and helpful. If they don’t know the answer, they will find out in a timely manner. They have helped us to make many modifications to perfect our scale tickets to satisfy our customer’s needs. It’s amazing to see how persistent and quick they are in reprogramming our system. I couldn’t imagine ever using another company. Sincerely, Hanson Mt. Quarry President, Sheila Cullum Scale House Manager, DeAnna Carr

Sheila Cullum
Verified Customer
We believe scale software shouldn't be expensive to acquire, use, support or upgrade.
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