Scaleit Support

Our technical support agents are standing by to assist you with setup, training, or general support.

Support hours are Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

Scaleit USA will provide all the support your organization needs

A paid weighing subscriber is entitled to remote technical support and instruction needed throughout the course of a current subscription. All developed software improvements and upgrades will be available at no cost.

At no Customer cost, we accept remote technical support responsibilities during the manufacturers’ warranty period on computers, peripherals and other devices purchased from Scaleit.

Any technical support on site (including travel) or outside business hours (8am to 5pm ET) will be billed at $120 per hour.

We maintain an extensive scale ticket template library. Tickets are suitable for use with Windows recognized printers. If an existing template is not easily adaptable to your organizations specific needs Scaleit USA can provide custom tickets for $500 each.

Scaleit USA also has an extensive library of report templates. If an existing report is not easily adaptable to your organizations specific needs we can provide custom reports for $500 each.

Scaleit W8 will integrate with existing ERP, CRM or other accounting software packages (QuickBooks, Sage/Peachtree, etc.). W8 subscribers are entitled to an initial integration at no cost.

By customer request, we can provide remote technical support on related computer hardware, software and network issues beyond our control or responsibility. Technical support labor will be billed at $120 per hour.

Server Transfers: All customers receive 1 server transfer per year at no cost. These must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. If they are not scheduled or you require more than 1 transfer in the calendar year, they will be billed at $120/hr.

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