I work for the MSP On-Site PC services. One of our biggest clients, Livestock Nutrition Center, uses your software for their day-to-day operations. Just wanted to send a quick email thanking you and your employees for their efficiency and skillset. Working at an MSP we are, unfortunately, quite used to poor support from vendors, long response times, and frequently having to send follow-ups to get things done. I have had the complete opposite with Scaleit support. When we need assistance it’s a quick call away without having to hold – and the job gets done just as fast. I worked with Mario today and he got us up and running quicky. Knew what he was doing and got things done. Just wanted to voice my appreciation and support of your company. We greatly appreciate y’all!

Kenneth Kraft
Verified Customer

I just wanted to let you know how beneficial your reporting features are! Our customers are very appreciative when I offer a vehicle report to help them reconcile trucking invoices on big projects, and this is something they’re becoming quite accustomed to. In fact, it was one of the deciding factors in helping us land a 100,000-ton job because I was able to offer this for their accounting department! If you aren’t familiar with how trucking companies invoice, it’s quite a mess LOL. Some bill by the job, others by the day/week/month, and for others there’s no rhyme or reason…they just bill when they find tickets in the trucks. This can create a nightmare for A/P but the reports make it nice and easy to see what each truck hauled on which day so it can easily be checked off the list as they come in, making duplicate payments less likely. We also have a customer who is our second largest client here at the St. Mary office and I’ve started giving him a monthly project report so it simplifies his accounting and helps ensure that he is billing everyone for the correct loads/tonnage. In one month, he may have 20-50 different customers so he’s been pleasantly surprised at the time this saves him. I send it to him in spreadsheet format and he can then copy and paste into his invoice template so his data entry time is significantly reduced. And kudos too to your team for helping me tweak our invoices and reports so they best suit our needs….they’ve all been very helpful and patient!!

Koreen Bassham
Verified Customer

With running two scales coming both inbound as well as outbound I found that there was a need for software to help me with utilizing my time with keeping our trucks flowing in both directions. Scaleit’s software has been helpful for me and the support staff and customer service have been beyond my expectations. They have answered any and all of my questions. They have also customized our needs for our tickets to hand to our drivers to some very definitive specifics. Everyone who I spoke with on the support staff was always helpful, patient, friendly, and took the time to understand my requests. Overall my experience so far with Scaleit has been excellent and I would recommend the software and service to others who have a need for scale software.

Alicia M. Hamilton
Verified Customer

Scaleit is our 3rd… and FINAL scale program!   I can’t say enough good things about Scaleit!! We are a mid-size recycler, in MS, TN, and AL.   Our first scale program was (MTM) made for small, single location businesses, and it had a lot of issues that we just learned to live with for several years.  The software alone was about $15,000 in 2005. We also had to buy specific equipment (another $20,000). I will say that the customer service was slow, but they would try to work most problems.  They were unable to upgrade or add any type of service or programing we needed.   As we grew, we chose our 2nd scale program.  (BBP) sold us their bill of goods with all kinds of promises of what they could do.  It did LOOK good!  We had to pay for the software & hardware up front, before it was installed, along with specific hardware or there would be no warranties.  The total bill was just shy of $100,000.   From day one, (BBP) was a nightmare.  NO Problem was EVER resolved. Not one.  It never worked properly at a single location. Did I mention we had 10 at the time?   Tech support (2 guys)did not work past 5pm their time (um, they would hang up mid call and not answer until the next morning).  The salesman for us was the son of the owner… any mention to him that there was a problem brought a tirade in response about how I ‘dissed’ his dad.  Very unprofessional.   We endured that for a year.  Most of my cashiers learned to live with it, while our customers satisfaction with us fell through the floor (at times, it would take 10 minutes to complete one ticket).  At the annual renewal time, (BBP) acted insulted that I still wanted the problems fixed.  “Fine” they said, “Pay us another $25,000”. I was floored.   About that time Christopher from Scaleit USA called.  I had to have been a hard sell.  He asked to let him put in Scaleit at our hardest, busiest yard with the hardest to please cashier, for 30 days.  If he couldn’t fix every problem that came up  (ok, not telling you the bet).  So we did.  I told my guys to give it a hard time, try to break the programing, ask tons of questions, be a hard sell.  Promise you, I did not believe a word the sales man said.   I am SO very glad we went with Scaleit.  It is our 3rd scale program, and it is our last one.   I promise you that every problem that came up was resolved quickly, neatly, and professionally.  It doesn’t matter what time it is or the day of the week.  I did not have to buy new equipment, they worked with what I had. Even the old stuff. How novel is that!!??   You cannot guess at how comforting it is to know that Scaleit has our back, especially when the regulatory boards come looking for more.   Use their free 30-day trial.  Test drive it like a race car driver.     Scaleit has my permission to delete the bad reviews on their competition, or the initials I left, but not one word about Scaleit can be changed.  Not that any is needed.

Angie Worley
Verified Customer

After having a one year subscription with your company using the Scaleit W8 system, the scrap metal recycling business runs very smoothly due to the effeciency of this system. The tech support are always quick to answer the phone and with just a click away your questions are resolved within minutes.   The Scaleit system makes the job alot easier to keep track of how much is bought, sold, etc.., we couldn’t imagine running this business without our Scaleit system. Looking forward to the 2nd year using this system.

Les Denson
Verified Customer

We are a scrap metal recycling facility with 7 remote locations.  In July, 2013 we began the installation and integration process between Scaleit W8 and our customized accounting system.  The first step was to test and go-live in our largest yard.  We, since that time, have implemented Scaleit W8 in the remaining 6 yards.  We have had challenges and unforseen issues, but with every hurdle, the Scaleit W8 team has been available, quick to respond and able to resolve those issues.  The system is user-friendly, provides all the requirements, both legal and company, for our Texas and Oklahoma locations, and the Scaleit team is unsurpassable in their knowledge and customer service.

Rene Allen
Verified Customer

ASR Metals has two locations using the Scaleit W8 software. Our company has had great success while using this system. We have been more efficient in our customer transactions and have kept better track of our purchases and sales. Customer support has been very helpful in taking care of any questions or concerns.

Mark Sourbeer
Verified Customer

ASR Systems has been using the W8 scale software for 6 months. We have had great success and awesome customer support while using the system. ASR needed changes to be made to accomodate our specific needs and the Scaleit staff was very helpful. We highly recommend the use of W8 for your business.

Alan Clarke
Verified Customer

This is a great company!  They worked with me while I was in start up mode! Great software that is easy to figure out all on your own!  Highly recommend this company and their software!!!

Kim S.
Verified Customer

After carefully reviewing several other software companies for our scrap recycling needs, we found Scaleit was by far and above the best bang for our buck. After buying an outrageously priced package from another software co the first time, our main concern was a reasonably priced software package that was easy to learn, train with and use. Scaleit has exceeded our expectations with this as well as customer service. The quick phone service and help with tailoring Scaleit to our needs is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

Steve Greenberg
Verified Customer

We have been with Scaleit for a little over 5 months now.  We could not ask for a better software or better support. Our company was with another software program for two years.  It was a disaster. We had so many issues with the software and never any support to make things right.  Since being with Scaleit, we now know what a real support and software company is suppsed to be.  Every problem I have they are right there to help me with out a doubt.  I dont have to wait on hold for an hour, just to be transefered five times to finally (maybe) get something completed or done correctly.  The customer support team they have is an amazing team!  They are the best program we have had, at the best price at that!  I would, and have, recommend Scaleit to anyone needing this kind of software.  The are truly there to help any time you need it and are just wonderful on top of that.  I came into a few issues because of my last software program and they fixed it (after the company who actualy owned the software had no clue).  We are so glad to have everything converted over with Scaleit.  Business is running smoothly and we couldn’t be happier. THANKS SCALEIT!     Tia Roark Preisdent of T&J Salvage INC. 16858 Pasco Acres Dr . Springhill, FL. 34610 352-544-0331

Tia Roark
Verified Customer

Our company decided to switch scale software this year just prior to harvest.  We can have between 200 – 300 trucks per day entering our facility.  To handle this many trucks on one scale, we needed a solution that was quick, easy, and intuitive. ScaleIt was the answer.  We made the decision to switch to ScaleIt the day prior to the start of harvest.  This was a huge decision to abandon our previous software and start fresh the day prior to the storm of trucks.  With the little time I spent evaluating it and speaking with Mr. Jason Ford, I was confident that ScaleIt’s software could handle our needs with little trouble, so we made the switch. The software and support have been even better than anticipated.  The software preforms as it should and the phone support for customizing reports has been above and beyond.  I would like to say THANK YOU to ScaleIt and personally to Jason for a soluiton that just works and for amazing phone support for installation on our servers and contiuned report customizing.  Again, thank you for a great product. Samuel L. Tynch Director of Operations Avoca Inc.

Samuel L. Tynch
Verified Customer

We want to thank ScaleIt as part of our 1-year anniversary for their secondary metal recycling product.   Upon opening our new business 1 year ago, we were looking for a competitive and reliable alternative to the other more expensive software products available. We have found ScaleIt to fit that description and have been extremely pleased with the unflinching technical support. Not unlike most start up businesses, there are many challenges, and integrating ScaleIt versus the more readily used product in the marketplace posed it concerns. After smoothing out the bumps and with some expertise in customization, the software has performed like a champ. Thanks again and RAMM Recycling Services, Inc. would not hesitate to recommend ScaleIt to other similar businesses.   RAMM Recycling 9113 Wire Road Zephyrhills, FL 33540 813-782-4800 Office 770-401-1281 Cell

Jeff Fain
Verified Customer

When we were looking into a new Windows based PC driven scale software last year, I came across this company on the internet. We have two aggregrate sites, one does about 10 loads a day whereas the other does anywhere from 60 – 80 loads a day. After going thru the tutorial and speaking with Christopher and Jason, I decided that this software was what we were looking for. The software is easy to load and is not as expensive as the others I looked at. Not only is the software just what we were looking for, but everyone at Scaleit is friendly and will bend over backwards to help get things going and make the changes necessary to fit your personal needs. I have extremely enjoyed migrating over to this software and look forward in having a relationship with this company for many years to come. I can honestly say that as Manager of our IT Department for nearly 15 years, this has been the most enjoyable migration from one software system to another.

Sharon Mills
Verified Customer

I have rarely written a letter singing the praises of anything.  But when Scaleit USA asked me to share my thoughts concerning our experience with the Scaleit W8 – Truck Scale Software, I jumped at the opportunity.   When looking for a software solution at PAW Materials, we were immediately impressed by the Scaleit concept.   First, the Scaleit W8 truck scale software is offered as a free download with a “pay as you go” fee structure.  This made the evaluation and implementation of the Scaleit software an economical alternative to other scale management programs.   Second, Scaleit has over 25 years’ experience in developing comprehensive scale operation and management software.  Your free, personalized comprehensive phone and remote desktop support has been invaluable to PAW Materials during the learning process.  In our experience, Scaleit USA is really on a mission to keep their customers up and running at all times (and, they like to keep us happy too).   Scaleit W8 software is extremely flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use.   With Scaleit W8, PAW Materials acquired a state-of-the-art truck scale software package with NO upfront capital outlay and a low annual operating cost. And, they have some of the best customer service and technical support personnel that it has ever been my privilege to work with (thanks Christopher and Jason!).   So, if you are looking for a software solution for your scale operation, check out Scaleit W8.  It is user friendly, connected to our existing scale equipment without any major issues and integrates seamlessly with our accounting software application.   PAW Materials is very please to be part of the Scaleit Revolution.  Thanks Scaleit!   Sincerely, Joseph A Cerreta, Ph.D. Director PAW IT & Marketing

Joseph A. Cerreta, Ph. D
Verified Customer
Back in business with a scale system that we’ll be using for the long haul!
Our old software
For many years our original scale system treated us well but when it came time to upgrade to a newer com-puter we realized the weighing software was not compatible with Windows 7 or even Vista. It also lacked many features and could not be upgraded. It was time to find something new.
Searching for new software
Our search for new software consisted of online searches, local distributor inquiries, and even calling more than 20 gravel pits in Utah, Idaho and Arizona in search to find a program that was recommended and had good value. In our search we found basic weighing software costing a couple hundred dollars all the way up to complete systems with costs exceeding $10,000. Many of the companies offering the better weighing systems either recommended or required yearly service plans on top of the initial purchase. A few times we came across products that seemed to have great value but we realized the additional setup costs, future upgrade costs, and even lack of customer support made them unreasonable. Our search continued for more than a year.
Finding Scaleit
After countless hours searching for a solution we finally came across Scaleit. Their website answered all our questions. Pricing was upfront with the WEIGH CARDS. With the upfront pricing we knew what it would cost to invest in their software. Before purchasing our first WEIGH CARD we took advantage by downloading the full version of the software. It didn’t take long and we were hooked.
During the first month with Scaleit software programmer Jason Ford helped make sure our transition was smooth. He instructed us on how to customize screen layouts, design custom tickets and sync Quickbooks. A few times Jason actually worked remotely on our PC to make sure everything was working properly. We have never incurred any other costs besides the weigh card and new hardware.
We have now processed over 4,000 weighs and are very happy with the results. During the time we’ve been with Scaleit there have been multiple updates to the software and this is a sign that we will be with Scaleit in the future. There is nothing that compares to Scaleit and their Truck Scale Software W8.
Tyler Sorensen
Verified Customer

I was recently contacted by a representative of Scaleit AS and posed the following question: “What is the main reason that Veidekke chose Scaleit as their truck scale software provider?” My answer was simple and clear: You know our business! In addition, you sell scales and service all types of truck scales so this makes you an obvious choice!   Then known as Kolo Veidekke, our company had over many years completed acquisitions and mergers.  We had many types of truck scales and truck scale software within our organization.  We had gained vast experience about truck scale software found on the market.   In 1996 we decided to consolidate to one truck scale software provider.  It was very important to our comapny to process and coordinate invoicing centrally.   For many years we enjoyed a great relationship with Scaleit AS; you truck scale software worked as we wanted and your company already serviced most of our truck scales.  The choice was so easy.  We negotiated a long-term agreement with Scaleit AS for your software for use at all Veidekke locations and for the purchase of additional driver terminals.   In 2003, we entered a great relationship with Scaleit AS where we upgraded from DOS version to the new windows version.  The new agreement weas extended for the delivery of personal computers and service agreements.   Most recently, June 2011, we signed another new contract with LFV.  Among other things, we wanted to upgrade to the new truck scale software program Scaleit W8 with the common database of customers and products.   Scaleit AS has been our partner because the products and service performed are at a very high level.   Best regards, Frode Herseth Veidekke Industri AS Manager Hovinmoen Grus Coordinator Truck Scale Software

Frode Herseth
Verified Customer

Shipping & Receiving Clerk With running two scales coming both inbound as well as outbound I found that there was a need for software to help me with utilizing my time with keeping our trucks flowing in both directions. Scaleit’s software has been helpful for me and the support staff and customer service have been beyond my expectations. They have answered any and all of my questions. They have also customized our needs for our tickets to hand to our drivers to some very definitive specifics. Everyone who I spoke with on the support staff was always helpful, patient, friendly, and took the time to understand my requests. Overall my experience so far with Scaleit has been excellent and I would recommend the software and service to others who have a need for scale software.

Alicia M. Hamilton
Verified Customer

Where do we begin about Scaleit USA! We have been using this company since 2013 at Hanson Mountain Rock Quarry in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. They have exceeded our expectations on so many levels and occasions. Their technicians are very polite and helpful. If they don’t know the answer, they will find out in a timely manner. They have helped us to make many modifications to perfect our scale tickets to satisfy our customer’s needs. It’s amazing to see how persistent and quick they are in reprogramming our system. I couldn’t imagine ever using another company. Sincerely, Hanson Mt. Quarry President, Sheila Cullum Scale House Manager, DeAnna Carr

Sheila Cullum
Verified Customer

We are very Glad Sanford Scale recommended Scaleit USA to us. We called various other program vendors and were told we had to purchase specific equipment to run their programs. When we called Scaleit we were told that they would make any cameras, printers, and computers we wanted work, even our used equipment. Scaleit USA configured everything online using existing I.T. wiring installed; we did not even have to hire an outside vendor for this. We are a small Metals Recycling Company and this program works great for our needs. We have never had a program breakdown, outage, or delay since using Scaleit. When we need help adding new equipment, the I.T. members at Scaleit are very helpful and courteous. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Keith Henderson
Verified Customer

Highly Recommend! I was manually calculating and entering all of our scale tickets prior to using Scaleit. This is a great program and has been a huge time and money saver!! Without it, we would have had no choice but to hire additional personnel. The Scaleit team has been very responsive and quickly resolves the little hiccups that come with any software integration. I can always get a hold of someone if needed after hours and they are always polite, respectful and very, very knowledgeable. It integrated beautifully with QuickBooks and I anticipate using Scaleit for years to come. Not only is the program itself worth its weight in gold but the customer service cannot be matched!!

Verified Customer
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